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No. 2 Baldwin Engine
The 2

Locomotive #2 was built new for the New Berlin & Winfield in 1906 by Baldwin. It is a 20 ton 2-6-0, Mogul. This coal burner produces 6,289-lbs. tractive effort.

The NB&W operated an 8-mile line in Pennsylvania, for an agricultural community. The #2 spot hauled freight and passengers on this small operation until the mid teens. In 1917 the locomotive was sold to the Argent Lumber Co. in South Carolina. The Number 2 worked the swamp trackage, hauling logs back to the mill in Hardeeville.

After the railroad shut down the locomotive was purchased by the MCRR and shipped to Iowa. It was rebuilt by the early 70's and operated as an out main road engine for nearly 20 years until 1987 when it was taken out of service for a complete rebuild. This rebuild will include a complete frame up restoration comprising of a new boiler.

The 2
.The 2 being refueled in August 1974

The 2
This picture was taken in August 1974 of the No. 2 going over the bridge at the Old Threasher's Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

The trim Mogul became the "main line" engine during the late 1950s at Argent Lumber Company making two trips per day from the mill to the woods interchange point where she exchanged empty cars for loaded ones. The #2 can claim to have burned three types of fuel: coal, wood, and oil.



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